The types of waste covered by composting.

Online bin calendar. For those Member States that have not introduced such measures, achieving the goals set by the Directive will be a problem for local authorities and the waste management industry. For biodegradable waste, there must be other waste treatment streams that should bring environmental benefits in a cost-effective manner. Centralized or household composting is the most feasible solution.

Black refuse bin. This section discusses the key factors that have been identified in case studies as critical to the success of composting flows. These factors will be discussed in relation to centralized, internal and community composting systems in all Member States.

The types of waste covered by composting. All industries focus on a biodegradable fraction of household waste, which may include kitchen waste, such as peel of fruits and vegetables, and garden waste, such as grass or plants. a cut. Some channels are also designed for cardboard boxes and newspapers, which are collected together with the organic fraction of the waste. Many sectors cover biodegradable waste along with other recyclable waste, such as paper and glass, as part of an integrated waste management strategy. An operation in the United Kingdom involves selective collection of biodegradable waste and dry recyclables (in different containers and separate tours). The organizers of the operation believe that if they collect only biodegradable waste in isolation, residents will be less willing to participate in the operation.

Waste collection methods. Waste is handled by composting systems either at the household or community level, or at the central level. In home composting systems, it is important that people understand how composters work and what materials can be processed in this way. For example, in Arun, UK, where 300 liter composters were sold to residents, industry organizers gave local residents instructions on how to use them, and a network of volunteers was created in the area. scope of operation. For centralized or community based systems, an organized collection of borders seems to be the most effective solution; therefore, all case studies collected include a separate collection system, and none of them include mixed waste collection, from which the biodegradable fraction will then be sorted. Selective collection seems to be an important element for the efficient collection of pure organic raw materials, and also allows you to get the final product of better quality.

Compostable waste containers or bags are usually provided to affected households for free. It is generally believed that charging for these containers has a restraining effect on homes that participate in the composting system. However, in some cases, such as in Padua, Italy, households need to purchase additional packages for composted waste. However, a Padua case study emphasizes that organizing a well-designed and practical fundraising system for residents is an important success factor. The frequency of collection can vary from once a week or every two weeks to daily collection. If a region uses a composting stream while reducing the collection rate of other waste, it is important to ensure that biodegradable waste is collected often enough to prevent waste from accumulating at unacceptable levels of waste. residents. This is especially important in regions with a warmer climate, where biodegradable waste can begin to decompose and emit odors and environmental hazards before collection if they are not frequent enough.

For centralized systems, it is crucial to ensure that there is a market for the final product. Selling the final product can generate revenue to finance the industry. In addition, the use of the final product is fundamental to obtain the full environmental benefits of composting, and therefore it is important to guarantee this use. It is not always necessary to obtain a recognized quality standard for the final composting product, but this increases consumer confidence and encourages the use of compost produced for various applications.